Bridge of Rio Antirio

Bridge of Rio Antirio, by Mike Jackobo.

Bridge of Rio Antirio
Bridge of Rio Antirio

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The bridge of Rio Antirio in colour infrared. This is a photo I made more than a year ago. I had it ready to present it here but at the last moment I changed my mind. One of the reasons was the amount of photos I have from the bridge, anyway. Most importantly though, that particular time I had too many infrared photos, ready for the Photoblog. So, since it is a common subject for me, I decided to leave it out. Recently, as I was searching for an older photo I came across this one again. The decision to present it now, was instant.

Some background story. When I travel to the birthplace of my parents, I have to cross the Rio – Antirio strait of the Corinth Gulf. Until 2004, the only way to cross was by ferry boat. In 2004 the construction of a suspension bridge was completed and the journey became faster and with less hassle. There was a problem though; the fee to cross the bridge! When I was unemployed, I began travelling by the ferry boat again because it is half the cost. I then realised that it was also on the perfect spot for a break from driving so, I kept using the old method.

For this reason I have many photos of the bridge. No matter how many times I pass by, I find a new way to make a photo of it. In this occasion, giving emphasis to the geometry of the construction in conjunction to the magic of Infrared. The conditions were ideal for colour infrared and I made sure that I made the most out of it.

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